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Whether you are shooting for fun, competition, or in the fight of your life, the Route 66 Gun Shop is here to help ensure you reach your goal. We are always striving to be the best value in the Valley.
Travis Wells – Manager Route 66 Pawn and Gun.


A Word From
The Gunsmith!

picture I used to shoot in competition and decided that I wanted to learn more about the guns I was shooting. I ended up as a apprentice to a local gunsmith who taught me most of what I know. I decided then and there that gunsmithing was what I wanted to do. I decided to specialize in the AR-15 platform and the 1911 platform as I believe these guns to be some of the finest designs availible to the public. I grew tired of seeing people who were on a budget not be able to afford quality pistols and rifles. After a few years of trying to repair home built guns and low end factory guns I chose to start making my own. I use quality parts from reputable companys, and hand build my guns with the utmost care. Every gun I build is one that I would have no problem either using in competition or to defend my loved ones. I build my guns not just by using the parts my customers ask for but by building them for the whatever use the customer has in mind.

by: John S., webdesigner

Our services


Specializing in AR15's and 1911's

  • Disassemble, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble.
  • Custom Trigger Work.
  • Replace defective parts with factory-made replacements, hand-fitting as necessary.
  • Add after-market customizations:
    • scopes
  • Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems.
  • Test-fire firearms with conventional loads to ensure proper operation.
  • Modify trigger-pull weight through careful stoning of trigger mechanism parts.
  • Fire proof-loads through weapons to insure sufficient strength of parts under over-load conditions.
  • Design and build complete rifles by fitting stock barrels to stock receivers; fabricating or purchasing additional parts as needed, and fitting same to rifle. Fitting custom stock to same.